Volume 7, Issue 13, Autumn 2018, Page 13-126

Proposed New Technique for Smart Earthing System

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 13-27

Single line to ground and double line to ground faults occurred in distribution power system which leads to high fault current that is returned to this system through earthing conductor. This paper proposed smart earthing technique to reduce this current. The fuzzy logic controller is used in this technique to increase or decrease the earthing resistance which connects the neutral of the substation transformer to the earth point depending on the measured faulted current. MATLAB/ Simulink is used to test the performance of this technique. This technique applied to (11) KV distribution power system model with real data from distribution substation in Karbala city. This smart earthing technique deals with any unsymmetrical earthing fault that occurs at any location in the distribution network with any fault resistance.ﻣﺔ ﺧﻄﺄ.

Influence of Number of Blows and Water Content onE Engineering Properties of Compacted gypseous Soi

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 83-93

The main problem in laboratory re-molded gypseous soil is that, gypsum material in soil do as bounded material between soil particles which increases soil strength. But these bounding between soil particles would be broken when attempts to recompact soil and made it difficult to return to its origin state. As a results, the value of cohesion and angle of internal friction would be changed for samples which that re-compacted using the ordinary compaction method comparing with the field values. In this study, compaction test was used with different blows number (15, 25, 30) for each layer. Different value of water content are used for each case to record the effect of numbers of blows and water content on thecohesion and angle of internal friction. Three different gypsum content samples (18.9%, 32.4%, 60%) are used in this study which taken from three different locations in Tikrit city - Salah-Aldeen Governorate, in the middle of Iraq. The results of laboratory tests for re-molded gypseous soil show that increasing number of blows and water content leads to increase cohesion and angle of internal friction. Also, the optimum blows number per layer was (30) for the three percent of gypsum content. But the optimum water content increased with increasing gypsum content to (7%, 12%, 15%) for the three values of gypsum content (18.9%, 32.4%, 60%) respectively, to obtain laboratory value of cohesion and angle of internal friction close to the field value. So it could be notice that, changing gypsum content in soil had no effect on the optimum number of blow for laboratory re-molded gypseous soil. But increasing gypsum content leads to increase optimum water content.ﻟﻘﻮﻟﺒﺔ..

The role of Some Tumour Associated Genes (CA9, WT1, PRAME) in diagnosis and prognosis of Breast Cancer.

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 29-40

The aim of the present study is to assess the possible diagnostic and prognostic significance of certain tumour associated genes (CA9, WT1, and PRAME) in relation to tumour size and lymph node status. In order, the expression of these factors were measuredin the peripheral blood of breast cancer patients (N=55), patients with benign breast lesions (N=10) and apparently healthy controls (N=20). Quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) was used to assess the expression of the target biomarkers. In the breast cancer samples 50(91%) samples were CA9-positive,8(14.54%) wereWT1-positive and 5(9.09%) were PRAME-positive samples. The expression of CA9-positive was significantly higher in breast cancer sample compared to benign tumour samples and healthy controls. For lymph node status, the results of all three genes showed that the highest percentage of positive samples 25(50%), 5(60%) and 4(80%) for CA9, WT1 and PRAME genes respectively, were multiple for lymph node status. The tumour size was significantly associated with the increasedCA9 and WT1 genes expression with tumour size 2.0-2.9 cm, while for PRAME gene the highest percentage of positive samples were with tumour size 1.0-1.9 cm. This study showed that CA9 gene can be a useful tool for discrimination between malignant and non-malignant breast tumours, the results may also indicatethe diagnostic and prognostic values for this gene. However, further analysis of a bigger cohort are required to consolidate these initial findings..

Asymptotic Fitting Shadowing Property

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 41-50

Let (M,ɗ ) be a metric space, ɸ be a map from a metric space (M,ɗ ) to itself and satisfy the Asymptotic Fitting Shadowing property(AFSP) then these results are satisfy: For every m∈N,ɸm has asymptotic fitting shadowing property and ɸ is chain transitive, also, if ψ has the asymptotic fitting shadowing property then ɸ×ψ has the asymptotic fitting shadowing property. In addition to the other results on the asymptotic fitting shadowing property.ﳌﻨﺎﺳﺐ.

Evaluation of an Industrial Product Quality Level by Using Demerit Control Chart

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 51-63

This paper is an attempt to improve the quality level of an industrial product (Ishtar Kerosene Heater) in Light Industries Company by using Demerit Control Chart (U-chart). Demerit per defected unit (U) was calculated to determine the control limits for selected thirty samples. The results showed that the production process was under controlled according to the statistical recorded data. Also, the defects classes A and B have no influence of the product performance. Additionally, it was found that the percentage of the quality level of product was ranging between (80-100%), indicating that this level is quite good.ﻳﻌﺘﱪ ﻫﺬ ﺑﲔ

Sol–Gel Processed Zinc Oxide Film Deposited on Equilateral Prism As Optoelectronic Humidity Sensor

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 65-71

Zinc oxide film has been deposited on an equilateral prism using spin coating method. The sample is then annealed at (400) 0C for one hour. X-ray diffraction (XRD) confirms the formation ZnO polycrystalline structure with the unit cell parameters of a= (0.325) nm and c= (0.52) nm .The variations of both the transmittance and absorbance with wavelength in the range from (300) to (1100) nm is measured. The optical energy gap of the film is calculated from analysis of optical absorption. Based on output power modulation of reflected laser light, the humidity sensing of the deposited film is investigated at relative humidity (%RH) in the range (10–90) %. Three angles (45, 60 and 80) degree are used to apply the laser beam. The obtained results showed that the output power of reflected beam is increased with humidity. Maximum relative humidity was recorded at incidence angle Өi = (80) degree.

The Weighted Transmuted Pareto Distribution

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 73-81

The lifetime distributions play important role in many real life fields such as the biostatistics, reliability and survival analysis, so we try to contribute infinding anew proposed lifetime distribution, weighted transmuted Pareto distribution, and discuss some of its statistical properties. .

Molecular Docking of Some Peptides to Varicella Zoster Virus Drug Targets

Albahir journal, Volume 7, Issue 13, Pages 95-126

Varicella-zoster virus (VZV), a neurotropic herpesvirus, is the causative agent of both varicella (chickenpox) and zoster (shingles). Like another herpes viruses, the VZV can cause both acute illness and latency lifelong. In other hand, the VZV common during childhood, especially in temperate climates. Moreover, Varicella is usually a benign and self-limiting illness. But may be more severe in adults, and in patients suffering from immunedeficiency. Because of the huge information available concerning inhibitors of this virus the current study spots light on them bypredicting the best peptides that can be a candidate to offer to wet laboratory experiments sufficient data about their ability to treat VZV. To acheve this aim several antimicrobial peptides and antiviral peptides used to predict their theoretical actions against three targets of VZV, Thymidine kinase (PDBID: 1OSN), Envelope glycoprotein H (PDBID: 4XHJ), Protease (PDBID: 1VZV) using Bioinformatics approach. And the binding potential of these peptides with the VZV drug targets was predicted using online program Hex 8.0.0., and some physical and chemical properites of peptides were predicted by specific programs, including T cell epitope Class I immunogenicity software, ToxinPred software, CellPPD software, isoelectric points (PI) and molecular weight, Boman index values software, and anti-cp software. The analysis of these data resulted with that from 64 antimicrobial peptide only 11 peptides have been found have favored binding affinities with VZV targets and good physical and chemical properties, these peptides were Polyphemusin 2, K4S4(1-16) a, F, AVP1092, MSI-78, A, Fv16, GLK-19, Magainin 1, Dahlen 5.6. ﻳﻌﺪ ﻓﲑﻟﻨﻄﺎﻗﻲ.